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Health Policy’s Gordian Knot: Rethinking Cost Control

Medical spending has resumed a long-term rise. After several years of false stability in a last, low recession’s wake, health spending rose by 3.7 commission points some-more than general inflation in 2014, afterwards by 5.8 commission points some-more in 2015, to a 17.8 percent share of a US economy.

Not usually does this spending arise bluster a United States’ mercantile fortitude and ability to residence other needs; it is undermining a guarantee of health caring for all. To conduct rising costs, insurers are hiking premiums, narrowing their networks, and raising deductibles and copayments, creation squeeze of coverage reduction appealing. Millions of Americans are so eschewing subsidized coverage around a Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) word exchanges, selecting instead to compensate a ACA’s taxation penalty. And a skimpier coverage and scaled-back subsidies envisioned by congressional Republicans as an ACA deputy would add millions of people to a ranks of a uninsured.

The central, bullheaded separator to long-term cost containment, we contend here, is a nearby stupidity of observant “no” to ever-more-expensive caring that yields tiny extrinsic benefits. Public and private payers have finished innumerable catastrophic attempts to overcome this barrier. We propose, instead, to by-pass it—through redirection of cost-control process divided from efforts to extent use of existing, low-benefit technologies and toward strategies for conversion a presentation of new technology. To this end, we urge: redesigning value-based remuneration to stress destiny rewards for tests and treatments that haven’t nonetheless emerged, and varying a generation of intellectual-property insurance so as to tie a rewards to healing effectiveness.

Why Don’t We Just Say ‘No’

Many factors change health spending, including coverage expansion, a change of negotiate energy between payers and providers, and a aging of a United States’ population. But a determined driving force behind rising medical spending is technological advance, fueled by health insurance’s guarantee of abounding prerogative and violent by insistence that advances broach clinical advantage value their cost.

Drug and device developers, clinical researchers, and their financial backers design coverage for new tests and treatments with small courtesy for either they supplement estimable healing value, and they make investigate and expansion decisions accordingly. Once a new record emerges, a developers are vested in posterior a extended adoption. Hospitals, physicians, and others, in turn, dedicate to apparatus and training that close them into a new technology, even when a record is merely a “me too” or extrinsic allege over existent clinical methods.

Patients and their desired ones afterwards come to design a technology’s availability. The psychology of rescue creates it anguishing to contend “no”—or to accept “no” as an answer—when caring competence save lives, however high a extrinsic cost. Medical ethics tightens this lock-in: Hundreds of years of Hippocratic tradition mount in a proceed of self-denial caring believed to do some-more good than harm. And both open and private payers risk charges of “rationing” if and when they pull back.

History underscores a problem of constraining entrance to existing, costly technologies. Under both Republican and Democratic presidents given George H. W. Bush, a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposed, afterwards corroborated divided from, regulations that would make inhabitant coverage decisions underneath Medicare categorically cost sensitive. Republican efforts to extent Medicare spending by reconceiving a module as a document intrigue for squeeze of private coverage have further been regularly stymied. Private insurers’ assertive efforts in a 1990s to extent spending by parsimonious executive constraints on entrance to pricey treatments foundered in a face of a late 1990s consumer recoil opposite “managed care.” And a ACA’s misnamed “luxury tax” on high-cost health skeleton (really, a proceed to proviso in taxation of employment-based health advantages as medical costs rise) is a intent of feeling from Democrats as good as Republicans.

Getting Beyond ‘No’: Reimagining Therapeutic Progress

By contrast, clinical methods not nonetheless available, or even envisioned, aren’t a intent of vested expectations. Developers, investors, and health caring providers haven’t nonetheless finished vast financial and human-capital commitments. And while many Americans competence bristle during being denied today’s caring on comment of cost, they’re not finished livid by miss of entrance to destiny technologies. People crave for cures to illnesses that terrify, nonetheless they don’t rail opposite health plans, providers, or open officials for unwell to deliver, say, a snap cures “Dr. McCoy” offers to his Star Trek shipmates.

This expectations opening opens a cost-control pathway that circumnavigates a executive separator to success: a unsentimental stupidity of observant “no,” around regulatory or marketplace means, to marginally profitable care. By reining in a expansion of ever some-more expensive, minimal-benefit technologies before expectations vest, a health caring complement can curb destiny spending expansion though self-denial profitable tests and treatments from patients today. Selectivity here is, of course, crucial: Health process should, during a same time, enthuse advances that produce high value relations to cost.

To this end, we introduce a thespian redirection of cost-containment policy, toward long-term efforts to change a arena of technological change. By reshaping medical innovators’ incentives during a investigate and expansion stage, before stakeholders make vast financial commitments and stoke open expectations, health process can foster high-value advances, while troublesome me-too technologies and extrinsic innovations.

A New Role For Value-Based Payment

The stream trend toward value-based payment for services has long-term guarantee in this regard. Proponents of value-based remuneration have focused on near-term efficiencies, including improved coordination of care, improving a peculiarity of existent services, and some-more receptive use of these services. Such improvements, though, are “one-offs”—desirable changes, to be sure, nonetheless with singular intensity to delayed destiny spending increases.

By contrast, restraining remuneration rates for destiny tests and treatments to rising justification of their healing value could channel investigate and expansion investment divided from me-too and extrinsic advances and toward wilful innovation. Introducing far-reaching movement in destiny mercantile reward, for technologies not nonetheless developed, would accommodate many reduction insurgency than would identical remuneration movement for existent technologies corroborated by vested expectations. Current clinical services could be “grandfathered in”—subjected to some-more medium pay-for-performance variation—while many wider remuneration movement is set in place for a future. This could grasp what well-functioning markets do: closely couple innovators’ incentives and a value they deliver.

Such linkage wasn’t unsentimental in a new past. Long loiter times between outset of impending clinical trials and announcement of results, and slight studious inclusion criteria, finished their “gold-standard” justification mostly taken to remuneration preference makers. But medicine’s ongoing big-data revolution, finished probable by electronic annals and interoperability, is transforming this picture. Now, analogous efficiency can be tracked in near-real time for vast numbers of patients. Suspected confounders—influences on outcomes that randomization removes nonetheless that nag retrospective studies—can be effectively factored out as information turn richer. Possible side effects can be tracked, as can mixed measures of clinical success.

Tying Intellectual Property Protection To Therapeutic Value

These big-data collection open another, transformative process possibility. Patent law has prolonged rewarded innovators with corner energy for a bound period, regardless of a value an creation delivers. Patents so concede markets to establish an innovator’s reward, with purchasers’ ability and eagerness to compensate portion as a magnitude of an innovation’s value. This works good adequate for many products and services nonetheless not for medical care, where a dynamics discussed above cut a tie between sales and value.

We therefore introduce to vary a length of egghead skill insurance for new health caring technologies formed on healing value. Uncertainty about a clinical impact of new tests and treatments precludes allege bestowing of incompatible obvious terms formed on clinical value. But a rising ability to consider healing efficiency in near-real time by tracking electronic annals opens a proceed for environment and adjusting obvious terms as understandings of clinical value develop.

Variable intellectual-property protection, tied to healing value, would renovate investigate and expansion incentives by some-more easily rewarding healing breakthroughs while timorous payoffs for me-too and extrinsic advances. This inducement structure could be designed to roughly say obvious protection’s total mercantile value opposite a medical care, drug, and device industries; this should revoke attention insurgency outset from fear of discontinued altogether egghead skill protection. There would, of course, be winners and losers, nonetheless a transition could be phased in over a prolonged adequate time to equivocate effects on investigate and expansion commitments already made.

Much needs to be finished to rise this judgment into a detailed, unsentimental remodel proposal. Judgments contingency be finished about how to consider healing value in ongoing fashion, adjust for changes in a technology’s use, and interpret metrics of value into non-static obvious terms. We’re already endeavour some of this work, commencement with an try during explanation of concept. In particular, we’re operative with a multicenter aggregator of electronic medical annals to lane a efficiency of several new, high-cost cancer treatments that aim molecular markers. Our aim is to rise a multiaxial indication of value (incorporating progression and peculiarity of life, side effects, and other suffering) that could interpret into non-static remuneration levels and intellectual-property insurance terms.

Our due redirection of cost-control efforts will need to take comment of real-world constraints. To this end, we’d be beholden for any feedback from readers of this post, generally those concerned in decisions about expansion and adoption of new clinical technologies. We suspect, for example, that many who make these decisions are both detriment and risk averse, that competence tone their responses to a altered incentives we envision. Would multinational drug and device makers with ongoing investigate and expansion budgets tend to “play it safe” by posterior reduction desirous projects that are some-more expected to vessel out? Or would these firms’ vast investigate and expansion portfolios make them some-more peaceful to take chances, given office of many possibilities offers some “insurance” opposite a disaster of one? Conversely, would a stretched operation of risk and prerogative that we prognosticate enthuse educational researchers and start-up investors (without large, ongoing investigate and expansion commitments) to try for home runs or to drive divided from biomedical innovation?

We also design a relations change of value-based remuneration incentives and value-based egghead skill insurance to change among differently situated preference makers—for example, drug and device makers contra surgeons who invent new procedures. For curative firms, obvious terms matter greatly, nonetheless for new surgical techniques, remuneration levels matter more.

Our proceed doesn’t assure that medical care’s share of a sum domestic product won’t continue to grow. Some vital breakthroughs are hugely costly: Drugs that heal hepatitis C are a current, argumentative example. Breakthroughs, moreover, breed aging populations, with larger clinical needs. But a plan we’re posterior binds out a guarantee of finessing a vested financial and tellurian collateral commitments and a renouned alarm over “rationing” that have so distant stymied long-term efforts to rein in rising costs. At a least, it could change a arena of clinical creation to produce larger value from destiny medical spending.

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Sludged Countryside – Forgotten No More?

On Feb 24th President Trump sealed Executive Order 13777 ( E.O. 1377).   The Order leads EPA’ s Regulatory Reform Task Force to weigh existent regulations and make recommendations per their  repeal,  replacement, or modification.  The common open criticism duration for sovereign regulatory changes is sixty days.  However in this box stakeholders and a open are given usually thirty days to benefaction documented evidence.

Still, E.O.1377 is an event for those of us who conflict a land focus of metropolitan sewage sludge (aka biosolids) to have a voices heard.  Deadline is May 15th to contention a criticism on Docket No.EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190.

21st century sewage generated in industrialized civic centers contains tens of thousands fake chemicals, biological pathogens and other pollutants.  According to a small famous law: a Domestic Sewage Exclusion –  every entity connected to a cesspool can legally siren a dangerous rubbish into  Publicly Owned Treatment Works ( sewage diagnosis plants or – POTWs). Once this rubbish enters a diagnosis facility, a attention is no longer probable for any repairs that competence start down a road.  Here many pollutants are private from a H2O and eliminated to a ensuing sludge (aka – biosolids). Several EPA Inspector General Reports have warned that hundreds of priority pollutants finish adult in a treated H2O and in biosolids.   ( Yet EPA regulates usually 9 poisonous metals and dual indicator bacteria. Despite a disaster of pretreatment programs, sewage piped into POTWs is exempt from dangerous rubbish laws once it enters a diagnosis plant.

Land focus of sewage sludge became a existence after a event of a Clean Water Act in 1972. By a year 1991 transfer sludge into a sea was outlawed and that’s when EPA published territory 503 of a Clean Water Act, (the 503s), a stream sovereign law that governs a ordering of sewage sludge. The 503s permits roughly any infested rubbish reduction to be land applied, as prolonged as it contains some nitrogen.  “With a cadence of a pen, EPA remade sewage sludge from dangerous rubbish into a profitable fertilizer” – writes Craig Collins in his book “Toxic Loopholes – Failures and Future Prospects for Environmental Law”.

Thanks to a absolute graduation of biosolids, transfer this indeterminate formidable reduction of damaging substances on cultivatable land underneath a disguise of “applying healthy organic fertilizer” has turn a slight farming use all opposite farming America.

Land focus of sludge has been linked to stock mortalities, wickedness of wells, ongoing illnesses, life melancholy respiratory infections, and several tellurian deaths.

Every year as this use continues – credible evidence is ascent that land practical sludges are harming tellurian health, agriculture, and a environment. Those who brave to pronounce adult are soon silenced and discredited , their careers ruined. For example, when Dr. David Lewis, before a high ranking microbiology investigate scientist with a EPA, began to tell articles documenting illnesses and deaths related to sludge exposure; he was consummated by EPA . Natural News will be releasing a documentary – “Biosludged” after this year addressing this issue, where Dr Lewis’s box is an critical partial of a narrative.

The doubt comes to mind – because would EPA wish to overpower and disprove scientists toll a environmental alarm bell? Who are a beneficiaries of a poisonous “fertilizer” scam? One doesn’t have to demeanour distant – a hurtful tighten organisation of EPA with a rubbish government industry.  Between 1992 and 2002 New York City alone spent about $2.5 billion on sludge government programs. Most of that income went to immeasurable rubbish government contractors who transport a dewatered, strong poisonous rubbish from POTWs to farming communities where it miraculously becomes “natural fertilizer” and it’s offering to gullible and uniformed land owners.

Beneficiaries of sludge land focus embody industries that can siren their dangerous chemicals into POTWs; sludge brokers like Synagro who are good paid for each ton they mislay from a immeasurable cities; municipalities that need an inexpensive and available process to get absolved of sludge by shipping it to a countryside; and finally, tip EPA and USDA managers who co-authored a 503s, who are still in charge, and whose reputations are formed on a arrogance that land focus is safe. Yet these agencies omit even their possess data that questions a safety.

Then there are state biosolids coordinators, attention saved academics, informal biosolids classification like a Northeast Biosolids and Residuals Association ( NEBRA) that  gets paid by EPA to foster a practice, and a Water Environment Foundation (WEF).  These entities have most total appropriation during their ordering to urge a standing quo. And urge they will!

These are lifetime careers during stake; dirt and environmental scientists, managers, engineers – an army of people who vested their livelihoods in a land focus of sludge; one of a biggest environmental deceptions of a time. They will not gangling their immeasurable financial and authorised resources and efforts to inundate this calendar with comments and requests to dissolution EPA sludge regulations. The irony is – many of those regulations indeed should be repealed, they are ineffectual and outdated. But they need to be transposed with most stronger, fit and effective regulations; rather than giving some-more immature light to all of a sludge trains opposite a farming America!

Isn’t this unfolding a ideal instance of dual foxes and a hen voting what’s for dinner?

How do we – a nation folks – even mount a possibility to be listened opposite a shrill and absolute choir of a sludge alliance?

Most of a farming residents influenced by biosolids have a singular entrance to internet and have few if any, mechanism skills. Many of them are not learned during all during essay comments, memos or letters: “In soliciting comments, a EPA has requested that commenters be specific, embody ancillary information and cost information, and yield suggestions for repeal, replacement, or modification” reads a memo from EPA.

I contemplate this information and consider about an aged lady in executive Virginia. Her small residence in a farming village of Louisa County is surrounded by sludged fields. She is in her late 70-ties and doesn’t review really well. Now she also suffers a far-reaching array of respiratory problems, ever given Synagro LLC started to widespread sludge all around her 1 hactare property. Will she presumably be means to navigate a custom of replying to a calendar by a May 15th deadline with “specific comments including ancillary information and cost information”?!  Will many of us have a time and skills to do so?

I’m during a wreckage of words….

But afterwards – we consider again. Aren’t we a “forgotten” who will be lost no more? The farmers and gardeners, a blue collar folks all over a farming landscape. Small city environmentalists and conservationists. Families vital for generations in this same community, this same house, with few acres of cultivatable land where they grow their crops. Now surrounded by sludge, their orchards’ apples caked in poisonous dirt floating from sludged fields. Shallow wells with celebration H2O laced with PCBs, nanoparticles, endocrine disruptors and God knows what else.  Aren’t we a quintessential Electoral College? How can we make a voices be listened opposite a WEF, NEBRA, Synagro and a rest of a sludge alliance?

Congress stands precisely on a side of a sludge industry. Since 1977 it has given a EPA over $24 million only for a graduation of sludge as a protected and profitable fertilizer. The supports are earmarked for a biosolids run to explain that a use is formed on scholarship and that antithesis to a land sludge focus is formed on ignorance.

But a waves could be changing.  As some-more people turn wakeful of a hazards of this poisonous waste, a essence poisoning celebration good H2O and soil, offensive livestock, contaminating food and critical land values, a antithesis is flourishing stronger.

Pollution is not an act of God, force of inlet or fate. Quantitative Risk Assessment – is a dubious indication that agencies use to sign inauspicious environmental and health impacts; a indication totally unsound to consider a genuine impacts of formidable indeterminate mixtures. What is indispensable instead is to investigate and request a condition of those adults who contingency daily breathe a air, splash a water, and eat a furnish grown on sludged land.

The biosolids module was implemented decades ago but an adequate comment of tellurian and environmental impact and but a farming communities’ believe of a intensity and genuine harm.   The risks are augmenting as new pathogens and new chemical compounds are creation their approach into POTWs; permutations and interactions most endless.

As people we contingency respond proactively to this standing quo. We contingency insist that sovereign agencies are hold obliged and accountable.  As a multitude we are collectively obliged for a choices we make of what we concede into a soil, atmosphere and water.  We can no longer allow, afford, and clear a plunge of a healthy sourroundings to a wreckage of destiny generations.  We are a Electoral College of a land and we can’t be lost any longer.


Craig Collins: Toxic Loopholes – Failures and Future Prospects for Environmental Law. Cambridge University Press. 2010.

David Lewis: Science for SaleHow a US Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits. Skyhorse Publishing Inc. 2015.

The Dirty Work of “Recycling” America’s Sewage  Sludge

virginiasludge <!–

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Does Your Food Have Light?

What follows on a unusually formidable theme of light and how it pertains to a physique is a accepted overview only. The information being supposing we myself have researched for over 30 years and am still usually scratching a surface. However, those referenced in a essay and listed as resources are accurately forlorn in their sold believe on such a immeasurable subject. They are a egghead phenomenons of a time, and all that has passed. It is by their singular work and practice that we get to advantage from and are sanctified with a event to teach upon. So we are perpetually beholden for a Champions that have come before us. Perhaps it was best combined by Sir Isaac Newton, “if we have seen over than other men, it is since we stood on a shoulders of giants.”

On a theme of light as fuel, or food source, one would initial need to sense a ubiquitous combination or makeup of vital beings, or a live physique and mind. What causes us to be or not to be. One would also need to know, completely, that we tellurian beings and animals enclosed are electrical in Nature initial before all else. There are large chemical processes that start in a physique nonetheless they could not, and will not manifest, ever, but electricity, or light.

Remember, this is going to be a non specific on any point, nonetheless profoundly minute outline in some areas on such an intensely low and essential topic. To me, there is no incomparable theme matter, during all.

The Exquisite Living Being And Our Properties

The tellurian physique is famous to be done adult of 70-100 trillion cells, 100,000,000,000,000. 70-100 trillion cells behaving large functions with 12-13 we can clearly identify. Each dungeon has a digestive system, a respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory complement and 8, presumably 9 more, precisely like a physique as a unit. We are a summation of these cells and their particular processes. These cells are us and we are them.

Every singular dungeon in a bodies of a 70-100 trillion, are also cleverly designed to work on-20 millivolts of electricity.

“The disastrous assign is a hint of life.” ~Dr. Robert Young M.D.

Crucial to any dungeon will be a vegetable abounding H2O that should approximate it. Such as babies in a womb being encapsulated in salt H2O from a healthy mother. When a healthy tot is innate they are famous to be about 90% H2O as a whole, even a blood being over 93% H2O itself. Upon a passing, humans have proven to be somewhere around 30–35%. With this dehydration also comes a severely reduced ability to duty around any cells unwell electrical potential. Knowing this, those seeking ideal or raise of health, even to turn stronger, ought to try to inform a fluids around any and any cell. Thereby a pristine fluids turn a infancy of a cells, remembering that even a blood is about 93% water, or should be. Enlivening a cells requires electricity as does a H2O that feeds them.

“The usually approach to build healthy blood is to devour a right forms of fats and a right forms of greens.” ~Dr. Robert Young

What contingency be mentioned here is that a Sun and a pretentious appetite issued from it is a means of all life on a planet. The Sun is a many absolute form of electricity famous to man. The theme of electricity is built on a Sun. And as we have come to know a initial Christians were famous as helio-gnostics, or, knowers of a Sun. Many of a largest religions currently are clearly formed in believe of a Sun. Enormous monuments are and have been erected display honour and indebtedness for this electric hoop in a sky. Even a horrific scapegoat of life as an offering, all have embodied a Sun. Sir Walter Russell dynamic that a light of a Sun is pristine genius and many distinguished researchers feel a Sun is in fact unwavering and wakeful of itself.

“the Sun, a star in their movie, a many critical thing in a life of any one of us”

~Gregory Sams, researcher and author “The Sun of god”

Back nonetheless to a cells. For some-more information on a Sun, a references supposing during a finish of a essay are mandatory reading as they are some of a inaugural authorities on this element and a hint of life itself we feel.

To magnitude a voltage within a cells one would need to establish a intensity hydrogen, or PH of a fluids surrounding them. Every liquid in a bodies can be totalled by a scale below.

PH 0 7 14

Voltage + 400 0 (mv) -400 (mv)

Any liquid subsequent 7 would be seeking to take electrons and have varying levels of astringency depending on a tangible intensity of a hydrogen. Hydrogen is simply another tenure for acid. Fluids aloft than 7 are seeking, or during a slightest means of being an nucleus donor, that is equal to alkaline. we will note here that calcium is a many alkaline piece on a planet, and does not move. The many acidic being polished sugar, that is sulfuric poison and travels during a speed of light. Sulfuric acid, or sugar, also explodes and destroys proteins. You are in part, proteins.

Information we investigate indicates that when a cells, we and I, start to remove voltage, we malfunction, and if a voltage deduction low adequate a DNA starts to turn damaged.

Astute researchers presupposition that while a bodies cells work on -20 milivolts, if we start to remove electrical intensity and get to -15 we turn lethargic. At -10mv a chairman would turn ill, and reduction 5mv a glands and viscera will stop working. If a cells go into a annulment of polarity +5, +10 or +15 mv, it would be same to fixation a batteries in a flashlight wrongly and they will not function, during all. This is pronounced to be where a repairs to a DNA and what we pass on to a brood occurs.

Pain, infections, miss of oxygen, and mobile expiration, or death, take place when a fluids of a physique are in this acidic and dark state.

“Restore your voltage for powers to reconstruct and heal.” ~Dr. Jerry Tennant M.D.

The cells in a bodies have a ability to regenerate. For instance a gastrointestinal cells have a ability to renovate any 2–3 days, a cells of a eyes, any 36 hours, etc. This Author is not referring to branch dungeon investigate during all. What we are reporting is to yield a physique with a tender materials it needs such as vitamins, minerals, pristine water, along with a light from a Sun to grow matter, and to keep a cells in an alkaline state.

So a doubt afterwards becomes how do we alkalize a bodies and maybe a even incomparable one, since is this not common believe and done so formidable to discover? This author will answer a initial partial and leave it to a reader to maybe pull their possess conclusions as to a rest.

The following matter is one of a many surpassing ever espoused on this theme matter in a time period, maybe ever. It would be subsequent to unfit to clear it any better. It would do anyone good to truly sense and request this message.

“The appetite that a physique uses is in a form of an electron; Electrons are electrical charges. Our bodies control electricity, we eat food for that electrical potential, that is a usually reason. Nutrients, are a carriers of that electrical intensity that a bodies feed on, we are electrical light beings. And a pattern by that that appetite travels, is salt.”

~Dr. Robert Young

Many some-more investigate scientist and a like now are final this same knowledge about a electrical light bodies. 25 years ago vocalization about this and essay papers on it in college resorted to being snickered at, not so most anymore.

It is from alkalizing dishes that light (electricity) is generated, and was also created.

So those that know will request accurate wisdom, ingesting food and name it as a fuel usually for a electrical potential, or light it contains. We find sources of food containing nutrients, things that enclose light and that are light. We find vitamin and vegetable abounding sources of fuel that strap power. Meanwhile, a immeasurable infancy of a whole multitude wholly misled to concentration on calories. Protein, fiber, carbohydrates, enzymes, macros and micros etc, all a lowest turn of a tower. To turn alkaline negligence a series of calories and regard yourself with a peculiarity of them. Because this is all that matters, a peculiarity of a fuel one is ingesting after expelling that that is not.

Is a food and light we are holding in to your physique strengthening your fluids, or smothering them in acid, apropos a acid. How about a lights people lay underneath during work or home? Because artificial, male done blue light and fluorescent fixtures are nucleus stealers. They take life and give we zero in return. The unpropitious effects that these forms of light, quite a ones that enclose a fluorine gas such as fluorescent bulbs would be wondrous in usually a few difference and is a theme all to itself.

“Humans are a usually class splendid adequate to make synthetic light and foolish adequate to live underneath it” -Dr. Jack Kruse

Voluminous amounts of investigate is accessible for those meddlesome and of march there is always solutions.

Becoming alkaline is to pierce towards a alkaline elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and to eat a Sun, and usually a food it produces. The Sunlight is in pristine food. The tellurian physique is designed to be alkaline, nonetheless all of a large processes are acidifying. So we are in a liberation state during all times. This is excellent as prolonged as we are full with a appetite that these processes, even a good ones, are aiming to steal.

And a Primary Source for this appetite is again a photon appetite we are means to accept from a Sun.

The same Sun that we all seem to take for postulated and forget about, only awaiting it to be there. The Sun that we know zero about nonetheless review all we can regarding to it, since we know that it is a means of all life.

“by a usage, by a familiarity, it indeed becomes invisible to us”

~Michael Tsarion

In finish here are a few fascinating contribution about a Sun along with some of a largest names in a Universe that sadly a immeasurable infancy of a civilization will never come to know.

“Imagine an blast with some-more appetite than a million volcanoes, that now hurtles north american sized cube of suns aspect into a atmosphere during speeds of many hundreds of kilometers per second, this can be a appetite of a singular solar flare, another phenomena deliberate to be tranquil by a aurora of a Sun. During durations of object mark activity active regions of a object can remove several flares a day, for weeks on end. Over a million mega tons of pristine light appetite is expelled any second from a Sun. Can we suppose this, one megaton is a appetite expelled by a million tons of TNT, so this a million times that, any and any second.”

~Gregory Sams Book, Sun of god



Sir Walter Russell~ The Secret of Light

Gregory Sams ~The Sun of god

Michael Tsarion

Dr. Robert Young MD, M.S, N.D.

Dr. Jerry Tennant MD, MD(H),PSc.D

C.S. Lewis

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky

Kyle Jessop <!–

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Newborn Human Baby Blood Shown to Reverse Age Related Diseases?

A new scientific study published in a systematic Journal Nature has innate out the possibility that components of a blood of newborn tellurian babies could indeed reverse many of a problems compared with cognitive and other impairments due to aging. While this might strike many as a horrific topic with it’s possible implications. Be aware this research is all associated to the scientific journals. A theme not for a faint of heart.

Human Umbilical Cord Plasma Proteins Revitalize Hippocampal Function in Aged Mice

This is a form of Parabiosis literally definition “living beside“. By joining a circulatory systems of two animals into one as in direct transfusion or periodic injections of donor blood. While a technology of transfusion, a form of Parabiosis, has been employed for centuries to save lives from inauspicious blood detriment due to damage or surgery. Many would be horrified to know this use is also being used by the rich and powerful for life extension to this day. Literally injecting a blood of the young for it’s rejuvenating properties. The topic was lonesome in abyss in Raptorman’s last post about this grisly subject. It was reported widely by eccentric media.

Are a Aging Elite “Feasting On Young Blood”? Rockefeller Research Advanced Eternal Quest 

There are many accounts of a elite via history regulating a blood of young children for sacrificial and life fluctuating purposes. These accounts are mostly discharged as scholarship from prolonged ago and something of a fable like Dracula. The fact is this use is still in conform for life extension and is being publically admitted. Recent systematic studies have shown a health benefits of injecting a young animal’s blood into an older animal trimming from augmenting vitality, improved skin, decreased aging, shiner hair and augmenting mental powers as good as physical stamina. A feasible nightmarish unfolding where a blood of a young becomes a commodity for a abounding and powerful. Who’s lust for a good stuff does not stop at Italian marble and fine wines. Exploring this possibility is not to credit any particular or house of violating a law. Asking a core question in the final post per a logical deduction about this ghoulish concept.

How immature is a blood indispensable for limit effects?

Asking this important question. What is a age of a blood indispensable for a maximum effects? Citing a scientific literature from the Journal NatureAny of a recent articles on the Parabiosis and a elite’s fascination with it all anxiety a same news in a journal Nature. Missing the most telling partial of a news entitled Ageing research: Blood to blood.

This was usually a integrate paragraphs down from a element lonesome in a mainstream pieces. Mainstream media outlets contingency have mislaid seductiveness after usually a integrate paragraphs.

Clive McCay, a biochemist and gerontologist during Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, was a initial to request parabiosis to a investigate of ageing. In 1956, his group assimilated 69 pairs of rats, roughly all of differing ages3. The associated rats enclosed a 1.5-month-old interconnected with a 16-month-old — the homogeneous of pairing a 5-year-old tellurian with a 47-year-old. It was not a flattering experiment. Journal Nature   Ageing research: Blood to blood.

Scientific Research on this theme was originally done by Clive Mcay of Cornell University in 1956 and was funded by a Rockefeller Foundation and a sly Office of Naval Research. The Rockefeller Foundation stating it’s intentions as distant behind as 1943 to cave blood for it’s prophylactic use therapeutic components. “Thus, what started as an exploration into a practicability of regulating animal plasma as a blood surrogate for transfusion purposes, has developed into a module of “mining” blood for a particular substances and for contrast these concentrates for healing and preventative use.

The office of regulating blood for it’s preventative and therapeutic health qualities is zero new. Tales of vampires and a bloodthirsty elite rooted in a urban legend are gaining a scientific footing.

These experiments demonstrate a age operation to obtain effects is a sliding scale definition a older we are a younger blood indispensable for maximum effect. Pairing a homogeneous of an 18-year-old with a 47-year-old constructed usually immaterial results. Whereas pairing that same 47-year-old with a 5-year-old constructed many improved results. Mining a components of a young blood to raise a duty of an older host. All of this is positively not good for a young donor being sucked dry of a vitality.

New research has come to light also featured in the Journal Nature. Answering a doubt of how young the blood would need to be for certain maximum effects. As indicated in a strange work finished by Clive Mcay in 1956 a youngest blood has a many dramatic health effects when injected into comparison hosts. Now it is innate out in a scientific literature just how young blood contingency be for maximum effect to be had.

Human Umbilical Cord Plasma Proteins Revitalize Hippocampal Function in Aged Mice

Regarding this examination it was not injecting immature mouse blood into comparison mice. Injections of actual baby tellurian blood plasma from donated umbilical cords were given to comparison mice. Dramatically augmenting their brain function and altogether physiology. The examination focused on memory and cognitive ability improvements using a component called a TIMP2 protein, mined from human baby baby blood. Only researching a effects of this one member called a TIMP2 protein though revelation all kinds of rejuvenate qualities were performed by a injection of newborn tellurian baby blood. The experiment was related to aging research and not Alzheimer’s illness as is mostly quoted in mainstream articles when broaching a need for such macabre experiments.

In further to revitalizing other aged tissues, bearing to factors in immature blood opposite acts age associated changes in these executive shaken complement parameters, Although a identities of specific discernment compelling factors or either such activity exists in tellurian plasma stays unknown. We hypothesized that plasma of an early developmental stage, namely umbilical cord plasma, provides a reservoir of such plasticity compelling proteins. Here we uncover that human cord plasma treatment revitalizes a hippocampus and improves cognitive function in aged mice. Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 2 (TIMP2), a blood innate cause enriched in tellurian cord plasma, immature rodent plasma, and immature rodent hippocampi appears in a mind after systemic administration and increases synaptic plasticity and hippocampal contingent discernment in aged mice.                    Journal Nature  Human Umbilical Cord Plasma Proteins Revitalize Hippocampal Function in Aged Mice

This can't be understated. Human baby baby blood reverses cognitive and other age-related ailments. Even in older mice that aren’t even human. Imagine what it would do for a billionaire in their late 40s who is overworked. Or an executive looking for any corner over their competition. What about an chosen spooky with life extension? Consider all of a horrific logical deductions. This is not to indicate any indiscretion by any particular or corporation. Only to uncover a relevant systematic research and ask judicious questions as to where this is all going or where it has gone. Do we consider there are enough donated umbilical cords to satisfy demand for such a conceivably critical product?

These experiments demonstrate that a sliding scale slides all a approach to a bottom if totalled on an ethical gauge. The really youngest tellurian blood being mined for it’s youth compelling effects. Possibly incited into commodity by a rich and powerful and used as a fountain of youth?

A darker design could not be embellished in a misfortune scholarship novella novel. Thanks to and for covering a final post on this subject. Please review a scientific literature associated here and widespread this article far and wide. The thousands Facebook shares and likes of a original essay were taken down from NaturalNewsBlogs by Facebook in a continued effort to keep information such as this from public view.

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How to Focus on Your Weight Loss Excercise

What is a tip to weight detriment exercise? What is a tip to staying encouraged and focused during training? There is no secret, due to a information blast on a internet, there aren’t many secrets these days. Even products that we would have to squeeze differently we can now find their information though paying. You can find all a things we need to know about weight detriment online.

To remove weight and keep it off we will need to dedicate time to exercise. Set aside 30 mins to one hour so that we have adequate time to get your blood issuing and that persperate pouring.

While sportive is required we don’t wish to overdo it so before we start any practice regime hit your alloy or other health professionals to see what we are able of.

Use your obsession to your advantage!

Sitting around a radio examination while eating junk is tantalizing though it will be ban to your weight detriment plan. You have to lick that kind of lifestyle goodbye as it is a conflicting of what will move we weight loss.

There will be times when we will wish to give adult though usually keep focused on your outcomes. If we are anticipating it intensely formidable we can go brazen and occupy a aptness manager or we can also get a personal trainer. They will assistance we to get your viewpoint true and keep motivated. You both can consider adult artistic ways for we to demeanour brazen to your practice sessions. Change around a normal slight so that we don’t do a same thing each day, not usually will this be good for to keep divided dullness we though it will capacitate we not to plateau.

If we can’t live though your TV repair we can watch TV while we exercise. Do some leg raises or some squats as we watch. You can also do some jumping jacks and some forms of stretches as good as we can lift weights. You can also incorporate practice by contend jogging while we travel a dog.

Also in your efforts to remove weight, we will also have to conduct your caloric intake. How most we devour will be contingent on what your weight detriment objectives are. You will also need to be dedicated to this usually as we will have to be dedicated to exercising.

Set adult Your possess Exercise Schedule

It is not required to squeeze costly and imagination gadgets or a gym membership to remove weight. You can follow these discipline while during your home regulating zero some-more than your body. Moves that are deliberate simple like push-ups, jumping jacks and squats and other examination ideas that are all glorious for removing weight detriment results. If we play a competition such as tennis, volleyball, badminton or basketball these also offer good workouts.

All we have to do is set your idea and establish how we are going to strech that goal. What are we going to change in your eating habits? What kind of exercises are we going to do? How are we going to go about doing them? Will we go to a gym? Will we get a personal trainer? Will we work out during home? Will we start personification a well-loved competition more?

All of these are questions we should ask yourself about when environment your goals. Ensure before we start anything we pronounce to your doctor, a nutritionist or a aptness and diet consultant before embarking on your program. This will safeguard that a module that we devise to commence will be protected for you.



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